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Wood Carving production in Val Gardena Since 130 years - Appreciated worldwide!

Produced in Val Gardena since 120 years - appreciated worldwide!

The company celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2012, proving that the art of wood carving can hold its own even in the era of glass fiber and plastic and that it can rely on its fans even in the future.


Wood is probably the oldest material known to man. Perhaps this is why we love to surround ourselves with products made of wood and why we feel such a strong bond with this warm, natural product, whose individuality renders each product in a unique way. We live in a cookie-cutter society, where each product is duplicated a million times over at the expense of individuality, where everything is measured in terms of speed and efficiency.


We are pleased that, to this day, thousands of clients in over 60 countries in world appreciate products carved out of wood and want to have a part of Val Gardena in their homes. We at Dolfi hope you enjoy and products and we look forward to welcoming you to our online store, or better yet, at Dolfi Land located in Ortisei, Val Gardena.


Best regards from Alto Adige,

The Comploi Family and the Dolfi Staff